LossRail London, Dec 08

Before construction begins on Crossrail in 2009, hundreds of structures must be demolished. Richard is on a mission to document them.

He submitted the above footage from his new project to a Channel Four documentary competition, and it has subsequently been shortlisted for a prize.

99 Red Balloons
PigPen, London 16 Dec 08

A truncated version of Richard DeDomenici recent 99 Red Balloons performance was recently uploaded to this site. Unfortunately that clip is all that exists - Richard's videographer experiencing technical problems on the night.

This evening, in his final live show of 2008, Richard repeated 99 Red Balloons at PigPen, an autistic-friendly event in Stoke Newington, although this time his camera operator accidentally missed out the second half of the performance.

However, by playing both clips in succession, it’s now possible to stitch together an almost complete performance of 99 Red Balloons for the very first time.

It’s a real breakthrough, we're sure you agree.

Benefit gig in support of Haringey Justice for Palestinians London, 11 Dec 08

Richard compered the HJfP pub quiz at the Emperor Banqueting Suite in Green Lanes.

Southbank Sound Installation 10 Dec 08

To mark the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Richard was invited to make a discreet sonic work in the foyer of Southbank Centre. The installation comprised overlapping readings of The UDHR in Esperanto, Africaans, Malay, Walloon, and German. The work can be heard faintly in the background of the above video if you turn the volume up and use your imagination.

In association with the Refugee Council.

Did Priya Pathak Ever Get Wallet Back? Colchester, 12 Nov 08

More info


To celebrate the opening day of Europe's largest city centre retail project - Westfield London, Richard DeDomenici handed out helium-filled balloons bearing the slogan BORED OF SHOPPING. Richard's t-shirt read FREE BALLOONS.
FREE BALLOONS is a Bluecoat commission.

99 Red Balloons London, Oct 08

Richard DeDomenici disseminates 99 red balloons to the audience before inviting them to sing 99 Red Balloons, whilst inhaling helium from the red balloons.
Documentation: Becs Lyle, Videography: Alex Bradley, Policeman: Anthony Roberts, Music: Nena. Performed at Duckie. Residency commissioned by Helen Cole on behalf of New Greenham Arts.

Reviews here and here and here.

This Used To Be My Playground Oct 08

At the beginning of his 2008 residency at Greenham Common DeDomenici decided to purge any emotional baggage by filming this overly sentimental music promo exploring his contradictory relationship with the aforementioned former American nuclear airbase.

FREE BALLOONS LIVERPOOL Liverpool, 31 May - 01 June 08

To mark the opening of Europe's largest retail project, Liverpool ONE, artist Richard DeDomenici handed out helium-filled balloons bearing the slogan BORED OF SHOPPING in the privately managed shopping district.

Each balloon came with a flyer showing how to get to the nearby Bluecoat, and details of their latest show Variable Capital, which presents international artists' timely, critical, and often humorous responses to today's consumer culture.

The next day, DeDomenici displayed edited footage from the previous day's performance at the Bluecoat, and distributed balloons with BORED OF ART written on them.

FREE BALLOONS investigates the intersection between culture and commerce, exploring the notion that art is another form of consumerism, and that art and shopping are just two different lifestyle choices.

FREE BALLOONS is a Bluecoat commission.

Beijing Olympic Torch Relay London, 06 April 08

DeDomenici takes advantage of the inexact schedule of the London Olympic Torch Relay to show off his own torch (which was subsequently confiscated in Whitehall by the Metropolitan Police).

10 February 08

Richard DeDomenici hosts a heated but informal debate on the ethics of the live art industry at the National Review of Live Art in Glasgow.

NRLABLOG February 08

Richard will be attempting to blog from this year's National Review of Live Art in Glasgow using his new mobile telephone.

It may not work.

Click here to find out.

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