This has been Richard’s Mission Statement since 2001:

Richard Dedomenici is a one-man subversive think-tank primarily dedicated to the development and implementation of innovative strategies designed to undermine accepted belief systems and topple existing power structures.

By approaching the limits of conventionally acceptable behaviour, Richard Dedomenici’s poetic acts of low-grade civil disobedience forcibly ask pertinent questions of society, while his subtle anarcho-surrealist interventions create the kind of uncertainty that leads to possibility.

However, as part of the ongoing professionalisation of his artistic practice Richard is thinking about refurbishing his Mission Statement, and, moreover, subcontracting the job to a third party.


Do you think you can succinctly clarify the unifying theme of Richard's work?

If so, email your proposal, with the subject header ‘Rewriting Other Peoples Manifestos', to this address.

All entries will be displayed below, and the winner will receive a 'special' prize.

From: me at
Date: 02 March 2006

How about this ?


Richard Comments: Yes, quite good, but whilst I'm all for brevity, I need something that will sufficiently differentiate me from other artists.

From: P.Clarke at
Date: 03 March 2006

Mission statement: "To be recognised as the leading children's entertainer in the Hertfordshire area*".

* Dedomenici worked for several years as an undercover agent for the Department for Social Uniformity, fostering an image as a political dissident and social anarchist. Known simply as Agent D he successfully infiltrated extremist groups with baffling acts of public disobedience and was directly responsible for closing seven festivals, issuing 89 ASBOs and "removing" two Turner Prize nominees. This sham came to a close in 2006 as a result of the Freedom of Information Act (2000), precipitated by a written request from probing Guardian journalist Jan Reese. Dedomenici describes his move into light entertainment as a career evolution rather than revolution - "I can tolerate kids, and the money's reasonable".

Richard Comments: A few factual errors, but still too close to the sworded, painful truth, sorry.

From: AdaDav646 at
Date: 27 October 2006

Richard Dedomenici is in a still space standing in an invisible catalyst he is metallic with a squidgy soft centre and shoots off shards of this metallic pink soft squidgy stuff into walls of preoccupation causing them to split and squirm like ice. He is in the business of antimatter and its definitely in the right hands.

In any case he can certainly tickle and he has very long arms.

Richard Comments: This is my favourite one yet - but it doesn't win a prize, as it was obviously written by a robot. Keep 'em coming!

From : anna_howitt at
Sent : 22 November 2006

One day, while following the dead end trail of yet another piece of so-called 'art', he tumbled down the rickety stairs of the basement where all supposed art is made and laid to rest. It was empty.

After cleverly concluding that there's no such thing as art anyway, Richard decided a much worthier pursuit would be to descend the depths of other people's basements in search of that ever elusive dusty cardboard dressing-up box of contemporary creative action.


Richard Comments: It's too soon to say. I'm still trying to come to terms with your central premise that there's no such thing as art.

From: newartonmondays at
Date: 23 February 2007

Richard Dedomenici is a unique individual. In addition to having three heads, numerous imposters and a huge reptilean following (mainly in the Galapagos Islands), he is a sartorial guru with an exceptional ability to find the negative in any social situation. Moreover, he is physically and psychologically very flexible. These traits make him an excellent artist to work with as he can bow down to commissioners before scrunching himself up into a small ball to be inserted into a briefcase and brought to funding application meetings. Above all, Richard Dedomenici represents good value for money, labour-wise (i.e. in UK speak, he is cheap).

Richard Comments: Oh, that may be the best one, actually. The competition's not over yet though. Interesting you should mention the reptiles; the man behind the ticket desk at Watford Junction recently compared my work to that of David Icke. History does not record my response.

From : anthony at
Sent : 10 March 2006

Richard Dedomenici is going bald. His new practice is primarily dedicated to the development and implementation of innovative new strategies designed to underpin and expand existing hair structures.

By approaching the limits of conventionally accepted hairdressing, Ricahard Dedomenici's poetic acts of low-grade follicile manipulation ask pertinent questions of the barber community, while his subtle anarcho-surrealist hair styles create the kind of uncertainty that leads to comb-overs.

Richard Comments: How dare you.

From : info at
Sent : 12 May 2007

Be a cunt desperate to get his arse kissed by other cunts. create 'art' that reinforces the idea that artists are wankers.

Richard Comments: This is more like it, although these days many institutions frown upon the repeated use of the word "cunt". Perhaps you could rework your submission, replacing one of the cunts with a twat, prick, or jobby-jobby-plop-plop?

From : megan.davies at
Sent : 19 October 2007

Everything is this. Everything is that. Nothing is this, that and the other is everything. And nothing.

Richard will piss on everything, and nothing that suggests a fixture of these states. :D

Richard Comments: This is the kind of high standard that I've come to expect from Central School of Speech and Drama students. I like it very much, Megan, particularly the emoticon, which I think adds a satisfyingly existential denouement. My only concern is that I don't really understand the bits before the emoticon.

It is imperative that I fully understand my own artistic statement.

Please advise.