Normalisation of Deviance
Richard DeDomenici
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A term used in industrial psychology, specifically in reference to NASA shuttle disasters, Normalisation of Deviance describes the gradual shift in what is regarded as acceptable after repeated exposures to aberrant behaviour.

Artist and self-styled one-man subversive think-tank Richard DeDomenici ascribes this phenomenon to the fact that after six years of instinctively making work that sidesteps the gallery system, in 2007 he was offered, and accepted, a solo London gallery show.

This dvd comprises the rolling video programme from the Normalisation of Deviance exhibition, plus bonus material.


1. Cable-Tie Chicago 2004 7min
2. Boris Liverpool 2004 3min
3. The Big Flyposter Draw London 2004 3min
4. BBC Pilot London 2005 4min
5. Unattended Baggage Helsinki 2005 1min
6. House Arrest London 2005 3min
7. Pedestrian Congestion Charging Edinburgh 2005 2min
8. EscalatorChair Hamburg 2006 2min
9. Fame Asylum: Status Performance #4 London 2006 6min
10. Honky Tonk Woman Beijing 2006 2min
11. Proof of Concept Galway 2007 2min
12. Unsolicited Channel Four Ident Galway 2007 0min
13. Tag Vienna Vienna 2007 6min

Bonus Material

Did Priya Pathak Ever Get Her Wallet Back? (Extract) Exeter 2006 20min
SuperJumbo (Extract) Edinburgh 2007 13min
Plagiarism (Preview) London 2007 7min
Rub Me Up The Wrong Way Norwich 2007 4min
Tag Vienna Interview Vienna 2007 3min
Fornicating Swans London 2007 2min
Get Locked in a Box London 2007 2min
Tag Manchester 2007 10min

A Normalisation of Deviance gallery publication is also included (some self-assembly required).

Total Running Time: 92 minutes approx.

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